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Well organized materials on white desk in office

Well it’s September!!! Can you believe it?

This year has really flown by and brought with it so many changes including my growing love for beautiful spaces! If you follow me on my Instagram page I’m sure you saw my post about a Kenyan Interior design blogger! How cool is that?! She puts up amazing pieces and gives advise on how to set up a room making work easier for us.

As a blogger most of the time I write from home and having a beautiful space is key! I found some ideas on her blog and I feel the right thing to do is give her credit and not just use her work. It’s the least i could do considering the ideas I’m still from her lol. I’ll be having a small makeover for my room and I might share it on YouTube =)

You can check out her blog and thank me later

Workplace with laptop on table at home

Stylish working place with computer and wooden table.


Thank you for reading!

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Have a great week ahead!

Love Miss Turu =)




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      Miss Turu
      September 7, 2016

      Hahaha I know right! It’s beautiful =)

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