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Hiya! (Can you guess where that is commonly used?)

I have never had a taking stock on my blog since I started blogging but something makes me feel I should be having them just to keep you updated on what I am up to or what has been happening. So much happens and I never know how to share with you guys so let me know if I should do more of such posts or not! 

  1. Life in a new country has been bitter sweet…. I love the experience of being in a new country and I have made amazing friends! I really mean it when I say amazing! However in the same breath some friendships that I valued have become strained but I guess that is life! You can’t have it all can you. Another thing that makes it bitter is how much I miss home!
  2. University life is currently hectic, so much reading but I still try and make time for fun stuff because take it from me All Work and no play makes Turu a dull girl and we can’t have dull and turu in the same line!
  3. Guess what?! I went for J Cole’s concert! If you have me on snapchat I am sure you saw how excited I was for that! At first I wasn’t sure if I should go but you know what?! It’s good to live a little sometimes! I cannot emphasize this enough.
  4. I started going to the gym but I feel I am being counterproductive! I work out and I will be in so much pain the next day but shamelessly have an entire pack of cupcakes or the chocolate coated digestive biscuits! I just had an entire pack of muffins while writing this post! Sigh!
  5. Let’s talk about SPANISH!! Their music is my fave nowadays! Am I the only one who jumps whenever Gente plays? I can bet I’m not! I am actually learning spanish and maybe I will have a YouTube video in Spanish soon…. lol 
  6. I will be cutting my hair by the end of this year. I have already chopped a huge chunk of it and I’ll show you a picture once I am confident enough to show you.
  7. Over the moon that it’s almost Sagittarius season and you know what that means?!…. Comment down below if you know what happens and the exact date it takes place =) 
  8. Youtube?! I have received this question a million times and I am honestly scared of moving to Youtube but with time maybe I’ll be confident enough to post more. Let me know what your thoughts are.
  9. Questions about babe? Why are you so nosey?! Hahahaha these questions are very funny especially because for every guy I post on my videos on social media someone will ask if that’s bae! But no there’s no bae yet. When he comes you’ll be among the first to know. For now let’s enjoy life and all it has to offer! =)
  10. I will not ignore the elephant in the room, so about This Is Ess and the drama around her…. I was asked what my 2 cents are and here goes….. Leave her alone and live your life. I don’t know what the truth is and at the same time I could careless because we are entitled to live our lives however we please. Correct me if I am wrong.
  11. I have been drinking approximately 10 cups of coffee or tea in A DAY!!! I really wish I did this with water instead lol!As always thank you for reading! I hope you’ve subscribed to my blog!
    Photography by Victoria Smith =) Outfit Details on my Instagram


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    October 17, 2017

    I love the taking stock posts so keep them coming. I also was thinking about you the other day and your new life in the UK. Being abroad can be fun but at the same time nostalgic. Have a nice day!

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      October 17, 2017

      4th of December…here is to December babies..mine is on 12th

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    Kui Kariuki
    October 17, 2017

    First of all, you are so beautiful and am happy that you’ve met amazing people?. On the gym part….giiirllll??…I feel ya; my muffins was fries. So later onwards, I felt it’s better having a healthier lifestyle in stead at my own rate with no pressure…but still, it’s good to be fit so if you love it, you do you boo?. All in all, beautiful post?

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    October 17, 2017

    4th December for the Sagittarius I never forget birthdays …and you look gorgeous as always . ???

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    October 19, 2017

    It’s so bad how we read your posts and not comment ?(sorry), however I think you are doing a great job so far because you’ve put your happiness and brand before anyone else’s. That’s what is important, if your happy and at peace then it reflects on everything and everyone you touch. May God keep you in His safe hands and stay happy doll.

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    November 5, 2017

    Looking nice… looking forward to meet you when you come

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