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I feel like it’s been a while since I last posted on here sorry about that but life has been happening!

It takes so much effort being an adult but I have been enjoying the journey so far! I can’t believe it is July already! Just the other day we were celebrating the new year!

So there will be a few changes happening soon and I’ll tell you all about it on a blog post hopefully in a month’s time so that’s a good reason to keep reading my blog because nobody knows when I’ll spill the beans! Do you guys ever get scared of change or is it just me? =)

So about back to this post, I always felt that jeans are plain and not really stylish when going to elegant occasions but finding this specific pair of jeans changed my life! I had to buy it in two other colours I think you’ve already seen me in the blue ones during the Moet Chandon event a few weeks ago. I must admit getting the perfect top to go with it was the cherry on top!

Hope you enjoy the post =)

Thank you for Reading my blog and please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel =)

Happy New Month!

Love Miss Turu =)

Location – Wildly Coffee Ke

Top  – Sasha’s Collection_ke

Jeans – Deacons East Africa

Shoes – Backyard Shoes

Photography – Ken Nzau



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      Miss Turu
      September 3, 2017

      Aaaw Mercy! That is really kind of you to say and thank you!

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