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It’s 3 more months to my birthday! To Christmas! This year has gone by so fast but I’m thankful to God for his mercies and protection so far.

For this blog post, I am wearing something new and something old (thrift-ed that is). This is not my usual post so I will answering a few questions that I am always getting. So here goes….

  1. How do I get content for my blog? Well, when I write I always listen to music and just like that words flow….. listening to Wait for me by Johnny Drille, right now! Such a beautiful song! So if you haven’t listened to it I don’t know what you are waiting for lol.
  2. What foundation do I use?….. I use maybelline or black opal. Mac makes me ashy plus I have never found my shade and I am not good at mixing foundations till I get something that matches my complexion.
  3. Why don’t you post YouTube Videos?…. Well I am kinda scared of the response I will get. Believe it or not but that is a genuine fear! On the bright side, I have convinced one of my friends to shoot a video with me so let’s cross our fingers that it will happen lol
  4. Where do I shop? EVERYWHERE! For example my outfit in this post, My pants are from Vivo, my jacket is from Toy/Toi Market.

5. Do I have a boyfriend?……. Well I will let you know that on my YouTube Video so make sure you subscribe to my channel HERE or you’ll miss out.

6. Will I ever have a house tour? Nope

7. How do I manage to be in law and fashion?…when you love what you do it becomes very easy to juggle the two. But weekdays mostly are law days and my weekends belong to Miss Turu =)

8. What is my fave thing to do aside from blogging? Watching a live band!!! My love for bands is just something else. Ooh and eating cake. I am not sure that counts lol!

Enough with the questions. I hope you enjoy the post!

And remember to be peaceful =)

As always thank you for reading =)

Photography by Ken Nzau

Outfit Details

Jacket – Thrifted 

Leggings – Vivo Activewear

Boots – Backyard Shoez

Lipstick – Nakshi Nouba Number 7



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    August 11, 2017

    Yaay??…I really wanted to be the first comment…am really goofy….?Anyhu..I am honeatly in love with this post?I feel it’s really weather appropriate and girl you are slaying?. For the comments being a real fear…I feel you honestly and Just recently I began fashion blogging consistently. For the longest I can remember, this is sth which makes me happy yet all these anxieties whether people are going read & like my blog, comments and stuff like that bugged me. Till God told me they are people who will fall genuinely in love with your brand and some won’t really. And that’s okay since we also don’t love everything. But once boo you are you and just doing you,pushing past that fear in faith, everything is going to be okay because God got you?Real time…Go have a blast in you tube, The God in You is gonna be your strength to push past the rainy days

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      Miss Turu
      September 3, 2017

      That’s a very powerful message! Thank you Kui and all the best with your blog! I know you’ll do okay.

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      Miss Turu
      September 3, 2017

      Hey, It’s the national park in Nairobi =)

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    August 12, 2017

    Wow simple and beautiful as always

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