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I have decided to do things differently around here and make this a fashion and informative post!

Well, we all have things that we wish we knew when we were younger. The sad part is that we can’t go back in time and live life again with the knowledge we have acquired in life. I have made a list of 20 things I wish I could tell my younger self but I have opted to name this post ‘Letter to my Sister…’ as I have a younger sister and I would want her to get this advice for free and maybe when she is 24, she’ll look back and thank me!

I am aware I have young readers as well and I consider you my sisters too! That’s why I turned my Letter into a Blog post. Always be your sister’s keeper =)

1. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! Never let anyone be the one to decide how you feel. Be your biggest cheer leader in all you do! The worst thing you can ever do is to make someone put you down and lower yourself esteem. That ex-boyfriend of yours who always wanted you to dress up, wear heels, and look sexy for him all the time, isn’t and never will be “the one”. Your future husband will think you look beautiful in sweats and encourage you to be the realest version of yourself you’ve ever been.

2. The people who tell you your dreams are crazy and you should get a real job will still be stuck in the same place they are 10 years from now. You don’t have to be, so keep pursuing your dreams, never give up and watch all your dreams become a reality. Most people never thought I would achieve my dreams of becoming a lawyer, but look at who I am now? Exactly what the said I’d never be, A Lawyer!!! So never let anyone tell you what you can an can’t be.

 3. Your true friends are the ones who are there for you, who listen to you and who support you in healing, but don’t enable you to play the victim in your own life. True friends will call you on your sh*t and empower you to grow. And always remember actions speak louder than words, if one claims to be a true friend look at their actions more than you listen to their words.

 4. This is one lesson I got to learn the hard way, giving your power away never ends well. In the moment, taking responsibility might seem like the most painful route, but trust me when I say that taking ownership over the choices you make in life will save you from a lot of pain and healing work in the future.


5. If making-out and sex are the only activities you get up to with the guy you have a crush on, he’s not going to make you his girlfriend. Guys who are in it for more than just physical interaction will call to ask how your day was, take you for walks, and introduce you to their friends. Don’t convince yourself that you can trade sex for love, it never works that way. So if he is the one, he will wait!

 6. Well most of us believe when we turn 18 we are now fully fledged adults who can have a family and be president! I hate to burst your bubble but your brain doesn’t fully develop until the age of 24. You’re going to make mistakes, a lot of them. Consider the possibility though, that your mistakes are actually lessons so don’t beat yourself up for making the wrong decisions. Actually most of the mistakes I have made in life have been of such significance in my life as now I know what not to do.

 7. When you are lashing out at someone you love, it’s actually because you’re hurting a lot inside and you have something you want to say but don’t have the courage. Say it anyway. Be clear about what you want, what you don’t want, and what you need. People will respect you more, and you’ll be a lot happier too.

8. You are not invincible. Sleep at least 7 hours a night, drink water instead of booze at a party, and skip the drive-thru (especially Kfc lol). Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or pulling all nighters every weekend will eventually catch up to you. It might not happen until your 30’s or 40’s, but healing is always more challenging than prevention. Take care of yourself while you’re young and spare yourself the trouble.

 9. Don’t give up on your talents and hobbies. If you love sports, playing music, or writing, keep doing it. If you ask most adults who gave up, they’ll tell you how much they wish they would have continued on with their piano lessons, or followed their hearts and pursued their athletic career.

 10. Failing is winning. This might sound funny to you now, but believe me when I tell you that all of your failures are laying out a path for you to succeed big-time. It’s better to fail before you make it, than to fail when you’ve already made it and lose everything due to lack of experience. And even if you do lose everything, you can make it all back and then some. Life is full of surprises, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

 11. Be consistent. Being flaky doesn’t just impact your relationships, it impacts your self-esteem and anxiety levels. When you say you’re going to do something or be somewhere, follow through. This also ensures you think twice before committing to something that doesn’t actually inspire you.

 12. Practice saying “no” in the mirror. There will be times where you’ll have to tell someone “no” and it will scare you, but you have to set boundaries for others or you’ll end up feeling used. There are some people in your life you will never understand, and maybe not even like. Make the best of it. But if you realize they are harming you, avoid them and say NO to them. Don’t let them suck the air out of your spirit.

 13. It’s no one else’s fault when you’re not happy. Sure, there may be people in your life who don’t belong there, but it’s up to you get rid of the people who bring you down, call you names or make fun of you for dreaming big.

14. Never take nutrition or dating advice from Magazines. Most of the stories are made up anyways, and the nutrition advice is just based on corporate sponsorship. If you really want to be healthy or have a good relationship, read books and listen to your intuition.

15. Your intuition is almost always right. If your gut tells you the new guy is bad news, walk away. As you get older, you’ll come to trust that your gut is your most trusted advisor. This is true on so many levels! You have no idea girl!

 16. Sometimes our/your mom is actually right. It may be virtually impossible to convince you to take the advice mom gives you over dinner one night, but chances are she learned the hard way. Learning your own lessons is very important, but feel free to skip and move ahead once in a while by learning from people who have “been there, done that”.

 17. Don’t rush to grow up. One day, you’re going to be married, have kids, or comment on how your cat is so lucky that they don’t have any responsibility. Just enjoy this time you have to be young, and hopefully care-free.

18. Save your money and never put all of it into a joint bank account with a boyfriend. Make sure you take care of yourself first and have a nest egg set aside just in case there’s an emergency, or change of heart. Many will claim that such a move shows you are not fully committed but that is not your problem learn but to put yourself first and like the Bible says, Guard your heart my dear one =)

 19. Your natural hair color is and always will be the prettiest. You were made perfect exactly how you are. It’s ok to experiment, just remember that changing the way you look can never change who you are inside, and that is what matters most.

20. Everything is going to be ok. You’re going to lose people, get your heart-broken, feel alone, and totally depressed. Nothing is ever permanent, so next time you’re wrapped up in thoughts of how awful everything is – visualize the way you want things to be instead. Eventually, the tide will turn and life will be more amazing than you ever thought possible.

In conclusion my dear sister, you are just one infinitesimal speck of existence in the vast canvas of reality. Realize that. At the same time, God values you infinitely, and so should you. Always remember;

Good things in life take a long time.

Also All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.

There are a few more things I’d like to say, but I can’t remember them right now. I’ll tell you later.

 Actually, my sister, I cannot tell you anything, let alone these 20 things. So try your best to figure this all out on your own as soon as you can. Learn from your mistakes. And live so that someday you won’t have to wish you could tell your younger self anything.

If you could turn back the clock and give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

As always thank you reading =)

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    May 1, 2017

    That whatever good or bad thing I am going through will never last forever..That I am an average of the five friends I keep…so I should pick them wisely. That whatever I do if it doesn’t make me happy, if it doesn’t make me grow, and if it doesn’t make me money, I should leave it!!! And finally I can not pour from an empty cup so I should learn to take care of myself first…that before you love and commit to someone make sure your are emotionally ready.
    I wish more girls, ladies and women could share their experiences and hopefully others could learn from their mistakes and achievement in equal measure.

    • Leave a Reply

      May 6, 2017

      Aw, Miss Turu, this was absolutely heartwarming and beautiful to read. It’s crazy how so many of these are exactly what I would tell a younger version of myself if I could. Some favorites: 5, 11, 12, 13… ane the one about listening to your Mom. Especially the one about listening to your Mom.


      • Leave a Reply

        Miss Turu
        June 10, 2017

        It is amazing the amount of wisdom we get with passing years. I’m happy you enjoyed the post! And YES always listen to what your mom tells you. She will always have your best interest at heart.

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    May 1, 2017

    Like this. So informative and at the same time interesting. Keep doing it.

  3. Leave a Reply

    Kaindi Sheila
    May 1, 2017

    Excellent job doll! I learned that thing’s are never as bad as they seem, EVER! also very encouraging piece here. Keep up the good work doll.

  4. Leave a Reply

    Nelly PJ
    May 2, 2017

    I hope everyone gets to read this! Gal, you are a born counsellor and should start going around speaking to all young and old! There is something for everyone in this post! God bless and increase your wisdom.

  5. Leave a Reply

    May 4, 2017

    Good and Inspiring words .. More power to you..

  6. Leave a Reply

    May 4, 2017

    Wisdom in its Best,,,,, Thank you & Keep writing.

  7. Leave a Reply

    May 4, 2017

    God bless you for these kind words. I will make sure my younger sister gets to read this. Stay blessed.

  8. Leave a Reply

    May 6, 2017

    I am sorry to burst your bubble but the brain is never fully developed by 24. The brain is constantly developing regardless of the age! Brain development is loosely linked to maturity which, is more of a choice one makes based on several factors.

  9. Leave a Reply

    May 6, 2017

    I am sorry to burst your bubble but the brain is never fully developed by 24. The brain is constantly developing regardless of the age! Brain development is loosely linked to maturity which, is more of a choice one makes based on several factors. We neuro-scientists do believe that the adolescence stage ranges from age 9-25. We are all unique individuals. This means our development is not the same and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.

    • Leave a Reply

      Miss Turu
      June 10, 2017

      Aaaaaww thank you dear! And you should have a shoot for yourself of course =)

  10. Leave a Reply

    June 12, 2017

    The depth of this post. If I could tell my younger self something, I would say, stop paying attention to other people and practice violin ? Yeah, and take care of myself. And sleep more. Lol

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