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Most people I meet rarely match my energy, or they just act shy and reserved but craving yellow sigh! where do I even start?! I guess in this case I can say it was friendship from the word go! She is definitely a ball of sunshine!

Sharing good times with good friends is the greatest joy. This is the stuff that makes life worthwhile. Whether sharing a meal together or a good conversation, there is nothing more fulfilling than spending time with friends. We must be thankful for the friendships that come our way for not all are blessed with the skills to form deep relationships. Those of us that do have friends must never take for granted the gift bestowed upon us. That’s why with Tabitha we will be friends forever =)

And like I always say, surround yourself with happy and positive people and you’ll have a life full of nothing but positive energy. I feel like this post speaks for itself we had so much fun during this shoot it’s unbelievable!

I love Tabitha’s (craving yellow) work and immediately she put up a snap saying she is coming home, I did what most people do nowadays, yap I went straight to her DM 😉 and boy it actually worked and turns out I was on of the people she wanted to meet during her stay in Kenya!

We met the next day at Art caffe and like the saying goes  it was honestly love at first sight! I love how she is full of life and wears a constant smile on her face! And for the bloggers out there I also got to learn a thing or two from her  especially when it comes to the importance of consistency and taking your brand seriously, etc and like she said on her blog we bonded so much over such a short period of time and we talked about everything that two best friends would talk about!

I love people who are full of life and never let disappointments dictate their mood for the rest of the day. Tabitha is exactly like that! We did have our share of mishaps but managed to remain happy through it all & she constantly cracked jokes to ensure I’m okay and not down from what had happened.

Believe me when I say every girl out there needs a Tabitha in their life to encourage you, guide you and keep you smiling through life and it’s huddles. I am so glad I met her as I did not only gain a friend but I now have a big sister. She’s a woman phenomenally.

Click HERE and read what Craving Yellow had to say about our friendship on her blog!

P.s people say we look alike so we would actually pass for real sisters.

For this blog post we picked our outfits from Vivo Activewear and the shoes from Backyard Shoez . It was so much fun picking outfits for this shoot and Yes I’m the one dressed in Yellow in a shoot with Craving yellow….pretty cheesy I know!

As Always Thank You So Much For Stopping By!

Love Miss Turu =)

Outfit from Vivo Activewear

Shoes from Backyard Shoez

Photography by Glauben Photography


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    May 11, 2017


    Amazing miss turu. The write up is explicit on how much fun and joy you had together.PS: Normally, you don’t do long posts but this one had to be expressed to detail?.

    Lovely style and post arrangement?

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      Miss Turu
      June 10, 2017

      Hahahahaha yes this time round I had to make it really long but I am glad you enjoyed the read. =)

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    June 10, 2017

    Friends forever…you really look a like? and your smiles are full of life

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