Simplicity Meets Elegance

About Miss Turu

Hi there! I’m Lynn Ngugi and this is my personal style blog where I share outfits that I style & wear as well as some of the events I attend, travel and beauty posts. I am a Kenyan born and raised and currently living in Nairobi. I created this blog as a platform to showcase my take on fashion, what fashion means to me not oly through clothing but through lifestyle features as well. My vision is to create content that is informative and a source of inspiration to people around the globe, one post at a time.

In addition to being obsessed with fashion, I do value education and I’m mostly proud of my law degree. I must say I am lucky to be able to do what I love which involves sharing my personal style in this beautiful journey called life and law!

I really hope you enjoy a glimpse of what Miss Turu’s personal style is all about.
Thank you for your support.