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FASHION | April 29, 2016 | By

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This has got to be one of the most exciting blog posts to date! I got to work with LIZ LIZO, in case you don’t know her (which you should!) she is an amazing American fashion blogger check out her blog┬áhere.



LIFESTYLE | April 19, 2016 | By


2016!!! We are only in April and I have to say I have seen God work in great ways in my life. The pictures on this blog post are different from what I post every other day. They seem to be personal and so I’ll get a bit personal as well.



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PIC-18Happy New Month!

I hope all is well in your lives because mine sure is. Let me start by saying thank you for the suggestions in my last post. I got suggestions like; The life shades, Evolving shades of turu, Life in a nutshell and whispers of the mind. Feel free to keep the suggestions coming before I finally settle on a title =)