Simplicity Meets Elegance


FASHION | June 25, 2015 | By

Photography By Hellen Githakwa

For the longest time I always believed and told people my favourite colour  is was pink, but I am always attracted to green items like this dress! so I’m at that point in life where I can honestly say for now I don’t have a favourite colour. I think it’s better this way, after all why limit yourself!!!?

Length! Length! There is such great beauty in length, well in my eyes and that’s why I own quite a number of long dresses:)

Dress ~ Mr. Price

Accessories ~ Olamide KE

Love Miss Turu 🙂




FASHION | June 11, 2015 | By


Photography By My Lovely Home Girl Hellen Githakwa

If I was to be honest,I  am not wasn’t the biggest fan of co-ordinates, I just assumed they wouldn’t be flattering on me so I just envied everyone else who could rock them with ease…. BUT thanks to FIALLIS, an amazing store at Garden City Mall, I am now hooked to co-ords!! And this lovely piece found a new home!

Outfit ~ Fiallis

Accesories ~ Olamide KE

Have a lovely day guys!

Love Miss Turu :)