Simplicity Meets Elegance

*Lady In Red Tells It For The First Time*

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I was invited to a very special event and had no idea what I would wear. I walked into store 66 and after having a beautiful dress I had spotted pulled out of a box in my size, it revealed its true glory!!
If words could describe perfection, this would be it! Itching to try it on,.. I did & I knew I wasn’t leaving it behind.
This being the 2nd time I was wearing it, I had to take pictures & share it’s beauty!♥


A vampire diaries inspired pose.. ♥♡ I being the female version of


~ Hope you Enjoyed! ~


Dress ~ Store 66

OPEN LETTER……*A Drop In The Ocean*

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…….. I was praying that you and me might end up together  

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WELL…… where do I start!!

Haven’t we all had our share of heart breaks, disappointments etc. {if you haven’t count yourself lucky!}

While writing this post I had in mind my friends, most of them are going through hard times in their relationships and I realized this post might help those who would rather not speak about their problems. I’m old school so i believe a problem shared, is a problem half solved…



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I first saw this amazing jumpsuit on Kim Kardashian West and fell in love!!! I didn’t know I would ever own such a beautiful piece until Zia collection uploaded a picture of a similar one!! I was sooo happy and immediately added it to my small but growing collection of jumpsuits. Side Note ~ Bata has very good heels
This is how I rocked it to a family get together..



An episode of who wore it better……lol